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Game Title: Ellie Leaving Jackie
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Game Description
Ellie Leaving Jackie
Ellie and Jackie have been together for a long time. Unfortunately, the great Frozen couple is not doing well and Ellie wants to leave Jack. The Frozen queen is terribly confused and she needs to make the best decision for herself and her romantic relationship. Can you help her? Begin the game called Ellie Leaving Jackie and help her make the correct decision. Ellie has a plan and she wants to pack her stuff in a bag, so help find all her favorite items around the room. In her room you can search and find a lipstick, hair brush, a pair of fancy sun glasses, the most fabulous pink shoes and a pair of socks. In Ellie Leaving Jackie you can now write Jack a note to let him know Ellie is leaving him and they will break up. Try the modern approach of writing a phone message or the classic by writing him a letter. Help her create a social media account and choose a profile pick. This way she can find a new crush and begin a new love relation. In Ellie Leaving Jackie you can choose a selfie pick with fab Ellie and pick a dreamy quote for her. Pick a date for her with a cute boy and then decide if cute Ellie should truly leave Jack or give him a second chance. Make the best decision for the Frozen Ice queen and enjoy the game called Ellie Leaving Jackie!