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Game Title: GYO Yelps Great Cleaning
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Game Description
GYO Yelps Great Cleaning
After a great party with friends from Monsters School GYO Yelps has to clean all the house and need your help! Cleanliness should be always and everywhere. First you need to clean the kitchen, because the kitchen - this is the heart of the house. Wash the plates, clean the floor. After that you have to wash the cooking with the special agent, it’ll be brilliantly clean! Next spet is the living room. Put all the garbage to the trash can, and all the clothes to the basket of dirty laundry! Then put all the items to the right place. Well done! Now we need to wash the clothes and hang to dry it. Look around flowers need to be watered, bush should be cut! After you’ve done all these tasks, the house will look better than ever! You make a great job! Have a great time with a new cleaning games from Fynsy!